Pigeon poultry


The present catalogue constitutes the compilation of over 70 years of experience in pigeon racing items.
Each item is in line with the present trends in pigeon racing, taking into account the existing traditions that belong to the world of pigeon racing. As the hobby market for poultry and in particular hennery is an expanding market, we have included these items in our range of products.

In combination with an extraordinary service level we are able to guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio.
The catalogue is the result of the total commitment of a talented team of colleagues.
Each item is worked out into the smallest details and is inspired by day-to-day practice.

Please, always use the corresponding item number when ordering.







    As the hobby market for poultry     and in particular   hennery is an
    expanding   market, we have
    included   these items in our
    range of products.




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